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About Us

<strong>At Leveroni Financial Management, We&#8217;re More Than Independent Financial Advisors. We&#8217;re family. And Family Means Everything.</strong><br/>

At Leveroni Financial Management, We’re More Than Independent Financial Advisors. We’re family. And Family Means Everything.

Across six decades we’ve been fortunate to work together as a family with a singular purpose: to help other hard working families pursue their goals in life. We are proud to be in our third generation of service and commitment to our clients.

<strong>With You Every Step Of The Way.&#160;</strong><br/>

With You Every Step Of The Way. 

As independent wealth advisors, we are committed to helping you preserve and manage your assets, prepare for retirement and unexpected events, and develop a legacy that seeks to benefit your loved ones and future generations. Serving as your financial partner, advocate, and guide, we listen and respond to your needs, using clear, simple language. We strive to offer world-class personal service, distinct guidance, and a commitment to lead you with great care along the path to pursuing your goals.

As you make important financial decisions that impact your life today and tomorrow, you can move forward with confidence knowing that a team of knowledgeable professionals sit by your side. Our experienced advisors are active listeners and strong believers in a consultative approach that seeks clear understanding, prior to making specific recommendations or rendering advice.

At Leveroni Financial Management, We...

Help you assess your goals at every stage of life and address your needs through a comprehensive financial plan that serves as your blueprint for the future.

Work with you to develop action steps and guidelines that set you on the right path toward the fulfillment of your financial goals.

Remain committed to providing suitable strategies that can give you the freedom to focus on and preserve what is most important to you in life. As your personal advisors, we are here to keep you on track working toward your goals and the future you desire for your family.

<strong>Your Vision, Our Experience&#8230;Just Think What We Can Accomplish Together.</strong><br/>

Your Vision, Our Experience…Just Think What We Can Accomplish Together.

Our family’s dedication to helping clients pursue their aspirations in life has been a very rewarding experience. We not only enjoy and benefit from assisting our clients throughout their journey, but we have also experienced the benefits firsthand by taking our own financial planning advice. We are wedded to our processphilosophy and team approach because it has served our clients well for decades.


  • Protecting your family with income in the event of your untimely passing or disability
  • Brightening your children’s futures by funding their college education
  • Retiring with the freedom to live on your terms

You have our promise to care for you and your loved ones like family.