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Coordination Across Your Entire Financial Life. 

We believe that proactive and open communication with your tax and legal professionals is critical as you work toward your financial goals. Clear communication between your professional partners is the only way to make sure your tax, estate and investment planning needs are fully aligned with your objectives.

We can provide you with referrals to attorneys and CPAs as needed.¹ Together with your professional partners, we strive to address all of your financial needs. For your convenience, we can help coordinate the activities of these professionals to guide you along the appropriate financial path as we develop your strategy or whenever your circumstances change.

We are also happy to work with your existing team of attorneys or tax advisors to help coordinate strategies and ensure your best interests always come first.

  • We work with our clients’ CPAs and attorneys to help ensure important financial decisions are made collectively.
  • We can help facilitate year-end tax planning with your CPA and also provide Realized Gain/Loss reports to them along with other information they may need.
  • We work with our clients’ attorneys to help ensure investment accounts are set up properly to reflect any new estate planning issues (such as a need for a trust) or changes that may require updating, including beneficiary designations or other information.

¹Neither LPL Financial nor any of its representatives render tax or legal advice. Outside providers of professional services are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Leveroni Financial Management or LPL Financial.

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