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Eldercare Planning

<strong>Eldercare Planning in Braintree, MA</strong>

Eldercare Planning in Braintree, MA

An important goal that is frequently cited by clients nearing or in retirement is the ability to maintain their independence and dignity as they age. We have helped generations of our clients develop comprehensive financial strategies that seek to address the costs associated with:

  • Health care expenses that are not covered by Medicare
  • Long-term health and mobility challenges, including assisted living, in-home, and nursing home care

Will You Have The Income You Need To Support Your Ongoing Lifestyle Needs If Your Spouse Or Partner Requires Long-Term Care?  

We bring decades of experience in developing strategies that seek to help couples protect and maintain income for a surviving spouse in the event of a serious illness or long-term care experienced by one spouse. As independent advisors, we have access to a broad universe of insurance carriers and eldercare resources, including outside professionals as we seek to help you to develop a comprehensive plan for your future that may incorporate long-term care and estate planning strategies.

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